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Europerfiles is the company with the longest track record in the country, being at the same time a pioneer in PVC and Aluminum profiles.

We have the possibility of a wide range of finishes and colors.


We offer a variety of openings, which allow adequate ventilation control as required. Durability, resistance and great aesthetic beauty, guaranteeing complete satisfaction to our customers, as well as a fast and efficient installation service.


We manufacture doors and windows with the standards of modern technology and offer installation and maintenance service throughout the country.


Provide the greatest satisfaction to our customers by offering the best service and the best products on the market, with real guarantees, all under a strong ethical, social and environmental commitment.


To have the highest quality standards in the products and services that we provide to our clients, providing them with comfort, support and confidence.


Aviso Legal

Europerfiles Costa Rica, desea informar a sus clientes que no tiene ninguna relación ni responsabilidad con empresas con el mismo nombre en centroamerica. Somos entidades independientes y operamos de manera separada.

Con más de 35 años de trayectoria, nuestra empresa se distingue como una entidad con amplia experiencia en la industria de la ventaneria. No asumimos ninguna responsabilidad por las acciones, daños o información brindada por la empresa con el mismo nombre.


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San José, Barrio Cuba, 50 east of Colegio del Sur

Phone: 2223-3978

Gracias por tu mensaje!

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