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Muro Cortina
Muro Cortina

Curtain wall

Mechanical curtain wall

Composed of a tube, a glass window and a cover, these aluminum profiles are visible from the outside of the building and allow various glass configurations for its design.


Hidden Structural Curtain Wall. 

Composed of two types of profiles that are placed vertically and horizontally, they are visible from the inside of the building, the appearance of the facade from the outside of the building is only glass without visible aluminum, they allow various glass configurations for your design


Combination of Mechanical and Structural Curtain Wall 

Configurations can be made combined with the previous types of facades.


Pleated Sieves

Spazzio is a modern and technologically advanced screen, it ensures effective protection of the room against small insects and offers extraordinary resistance to gusts of wind.



  • For use in exterior accesses.

  • Black woven mesh.

  • Perimeter fixing by means of screws and spander.

  • Guide folding system.

  • Lower profile with height of 7mm.


The Spazzio folding mosquito net system offers different application options that make it a very versatile product and it is a good choice to completely prevent the entry of any insect into homes.



It is a system with a wall support profile that allows you to make canopies with a minimalist and contemporary look.

The system includes various technical features such as the drainage channel for rain and the predisposition of led1 light in the lower part of the profile to illuminate passers-by and the glass itself, as it reflects on the edge of this.

The profile is fastened to the structural wall by means of bolts with a nut that must go through the entire wall (from side to side) with a maximum separation of 250 mm from center to center.

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