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Aluminum Europe

system  Sliding Windows Europe for applications such as homes, offices, commercial premises, restaurants, buildings, hospitals, banks, shops, supermarkets, etc.

The window design has the option of using an internal and external screen, and the frame and counter-frame are cut at 45°, thus providing elegance and great strength to the system, since their joints are through the placement of metal brackets that reinforce and align them within the profile.


  • Leaves with maximum dimensions of 1600mm wide x 3000mm high with reinforced frame.

  • Various configurations.

  • Available with sieve for internal and external use.

  • Easy and smooth sliding.

  • Application on doors and windows.


Akari Aluminum


Enjoy your natural spaces with Akari.

A system of sliding doors and windows that has been specially designed with functionality, aesthetics and comfort in mind.

Efficiency and elegance within the same design combine perfectly with all types of decoration; its technical characteristics, its smooth and silent movement is what differentiates it from traditional systems.

The quality of this system is seen in every detail, the innovation in its drainage chamber, its reinforced frame, as well as the finish of the 45º cut corners make simplicity and beauty come together to create a system according to your needs.


  • Designs with soft lines and round contours that achieve a modern and harmonious aesthetic.

  • Easy and quick assembly.

  • It allows combinations between mobile and fixed leaves.

  • Manufactured with 45º cuts to improve the assembly of the pieces.

  • Use high-quality accessories to complement the aesthetic functions of the product.




Anodized aluminum profiles with shades to choose from.

  • Natural

  • stainless steel

  • Bronze

  • Black

  • white painting process

  • Sublimated walnut wood


Traditional Aluminum

Traditional gate system for commercial and residential applications.

The windows and gates can have pico lora type locks safeguarding the property and the integrity of the people. In addition, they have the option of using an internal and external screen, except for the OXO distributions, right and left, which can only use an internal screen.

The system design has 90° cuts in both the frames and counter frames, which gives the system strength. In addition, the thickness of the profiles range from 1.10 mm to 1.60 mm, which gives a good performance and resistance to the system as a whole.

It also offers good water evacuation and with the proper use of EPDM gaskets it reduces air current leaks.


These systems can be installed in commercial and residential applications.

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